About Me:

I am a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering student. The field that I am pursuing has always been my deep passion. Achievements: 1. I have gone through 2 days intensive workshop under DIY Drones Malaysia (Mie Must). 2. Succesful design, build, and fly of quadcopter based on the APM 2.5 platform. There's still more to this than meets the eye...

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

My U.A.V interests: 1. Integration of obstacle avoidance system to ArduPilot platform 2. Tilt-rotor U.A.V



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Hafidz M. posted a discussion
I am an engineering student and in the process of understanding the ArduPilot specifically ArduCopter source code. I would like to humbly post the following questions to the developers:1. Do I start from ArduCopter.pde and explore from there; or do…
May 25, 2014
Hafidz M. replied to mrBert's discussion Mavlink stuck
"I have the same problem like you posted above, except that the Got param stuck at RC10_TRIM.
I have checked voltage at I2C socket and found the voltage is 3.28 V so the problem is not with the voltage regulator.If that's not the problem, what could…"
Apr 17, 2014
Hafidz M. replied to Drone-University.com's discussion Can anyone explain those new designs ? Purely aesthetics or indeed more efficient ? in ArduPlane User Group
"Very interesting indeed! Thanks! May I ask you, if possible, for multicopter; is C.G. well below the horizontal propeller plane a bad thing?
These are some references I have read from here --…"
Apr 12, 2014
Hafidz M. replied to Minh Tran Quang's discussion Learning to program Arducopter in Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
"Thank you for sharing your findings... I am now also in the initial process of understanding the whole Ardupilot codes... I will share my findings as well though I cannot give an explicit date for that. Right now I am interning at a company that…"
Apr 12, 2014
Hafidz M. replied to Andrew Edwards's discussion Autoland problems using HIL with Flightgear
"Hello guys, where all of you guys get the bixler aircraft for flightgear? i still not finding it on the internet"
Mar 4, 2014
Hafidz M. commented on Michael Pursifull's blog post HiLStar17 Public Release
"thank you for your timely response! we really appreciate your contributions and your willingness to share... God guide us all..."
Feb 27, 2014
Hafidz M. commented on Michael Pursifull's blog post HiLStar17 Public Release
"Do you care to share 1:1 scale model with me, and as you said "Thus the plane is scaled at 1.7x (size) and about 3x in terms of weight to maintain the correct relationship between wing area and weight in scaling. Proportional changes to Reynolds,…"
Feb 26, 2014
Hafidz M. left a comment for DIY DRONES MALAYSIA
"Hi! I am a beginner in this UAV ardupilot living in Kajang. Looking forward to discuss and getting tips from you :D"
Feb 17, 2013