EKF errors !!

hi all

I am still in the ground and I have many error messages in HUD screen in mission planner , 

such as :

- "Bad AHRS" even after I did all calibration ,

- "Bad Compass Health " I did calibration .

- " Error Compass Variation "

- position errors

when I press the EKF in HUB , I see the compass column move up and down ,

what to solve them ?

Is that effect my auto flight ?

how to be sure that errors will not happen in the air ?

regards ..

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  • 100KM

    Abolo, are you testing this indoors?

    • First indoor , then before I test flight out I get the error in ground and don't know if it happen in the air ,

      but the plane didn't fly within the waypoint path , then suddenly decent with high speed ,

    • 100KM

      Did you have a good hdop? 1.8 or less?

    • not sure about that ,, I will check it tomorrow , 

      it's related to GPS true ?

      what does it mean ? and how it effect the plane position ?

      thank you so much for helping ,

  • This is the hardest part of getting APM running successfully. Try the live calibration again, but if you can fit your plane on an office chair that rotates, you can spin the plane on a fixed axis; sounds odd but it does help hit the white dots quickly, which lowers the capture values significantly. This, in turn will allow the internal checklist to pass and remove the Inconsistent Compasses message. 

    Bad AHRS seems to go away after a minute or so when the GPS has more sats locked in.

    • I am using china Pixhawk ,

      dose that errors effect my flight in auto mode ? coz I had problem that plane didn't flow the waypoints path.

      thanks Christopher Rice

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