Electronics interference questions

Hi there,

I'm adding the works to my Bixler 2 and have a few interference questions as ideally, I want to build a nice little pod that can fit all the electronics in it that can be dropped into the top through the normal canopy. 

The electronics I have are:

  • 2.4Ghz Futaba RC
  • 5.8Ghz 600mw ImmersionRC Video TX
  • 433hz 3DR telemetry radios
  • APM 2.5
  • GPS
  • MinimOSD
  • Airspeed sensor
  • Separate BEC (shielded switching BEC)
  • 12v FPV Camera
  • ESC is mounted near engine

I was planning on the pod having the following levels;

  1. FPV camera and GPS (this level is open to air),
  2. APM and RC rx
  3. MinimOSD
  4. BEC 

Was then planning on probably sticking the 2 radios on either side of the pod (if possible for compactness).

From flying my Naza quad, I know GoPro's are particularly noisy and cause interference with the GPS, but the question I have is how likely are the video tx (5.8Ghz) and telemetry tx/rx (433hz) to interfere with anything?

Do they need to be placed a certain distance away from anything else? or can I build them into the pod too? 

If they are better further away, will using antenna extension cables be suitable? or do the actual electronics need to be further away? is there any shielding I should consider?

Thanks in advance,


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  • I used the following on a Bixler 2 with great success:

    • Frsky 2.4 D8r ii Plus Rx
    • APM 2.5
    • Ublox GPS
    • 3DR 900Mhz Telemetry
    • 1280 Mhz (1.3 Ghz) 800mw Vtx from RMRC
    • minimOSD
    • BEC to power APM
    • I even stuck a canon SD1200 under the right wing and did a little aerial mapping, all with stock motor, prop and 25A ESC (on top of fuse, mid-wing). I used flaps of course to help with the load
    • I carried a 2200mah 3S lipo and a 1000mah 3S lipo

    It worked fine. Flew great in stabilize mode and auto WP and RTL with no problems.

    If you want to see a bunch of flights with this gear check out some of my vids on youtube. Just search for duffnyc

    I agree with Stephen that the Finwing Penguin would be a lot easier to work with space-wise. Or a Skywalker. I have two Skywalkers and the Bix2 and I intend to get a Penguin eventually. 

    I don't understand what is being discussed regarding grounding issues??? I never have any grounding issues on either of my 2 APM 2.5 systems, both with telemetry, FPV gear and minimOSD...at least not that I am aware.

  • Hi Alex,

    Have no idea how you are going to fit all this into a Bixler2.  I ditched APM plans for mine and bought a Finwin Penguin instead.

    I am now having the problem of making sure that I have no ground loops.  With the Penguin I can separate everything so radio interference should be no problem however I do not know how the ground is treated on the APM.

    When I was considering the Bixler2 I thought I could use copper or aluminium mesh as a screen.  Are you going to mount the 5.8G transmitter in the tail?

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