Hobbyking Bixler 2 - FPV (eventually UAV)

Just thought I'd show some pictures of my new Bixler 2 FPV build. Had a few FPV flights already and have just ordered APM2.5 so will be able to get stuck in to UAV uses soon. I would like to use this as an aerial mapping platform to create google earth overlays. Just for fun right now, will perhaps think about commercial uses in the future but I already have a career in the RAF as an IT Technician and this is just a hobby right now.




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    I have a working Bixler2 FPV. Uses 5.8 Ghz VTX and ER9x flight controls with Foxtech goggles.  I am having some trouble with the Hobbyking EZ OSD and will replace it with Eagle Tree next week. But all in all it is an excellent platform.

    I am planning to put an APM 2.5 in the Bixler1 as a first step into the UAV world.



  • I would be interested in looking over your parts list. I'm planning on making an FPV platform with the Bixler 2 and would love to see how you made yours.
  • I shall be installing the Hobbyking KK2.0 board this week for some stabilisation whilst I wait for my APM 2.5 to arrive. I'm looking at bigger LiPos now and with that hatch cut into the side I can fit the LiPo in there with the KK2.0(and later the APM) whilst having the GoPro up front hacked into the nose.

  • Looks neatly crafted.  What transmitter is that in the second photo?

  • Oh, forgot to mention that the AUW is only 1.1kg


  • I will place the APM in here:


    Right under the CG. 

    As for flight times, I'm currently running a 1450kv motor from Giantshark (clicky) with a 8x6e TGS prop. it's a bit gutless in terms of thrust but with the flaps deployed the Bixler 2 gains altitude no problem. I managed to only drain 700mah from a 2200mah 3S LiPo on my LOS and FPV maiden combined which included around 15 minutes total flight time but that includes 3 grass take-offs and 1 hand launch. the grass take-offs were on damp grass and i needed pretty much full throttle to get it moving. I estimate I could achieve at least 30 minutes flight time from a 2200mah 3S lipo in the right weather conditions, hopefully more.

    I will be swapping out this motor for a 2200kv motor for the next few flights. do some thrust and battery usage tests with a different setup.

    I think the 1450kv / 8x6 is fairly good for cruising around and UAV purposes whereas the 2200kv / 6x4 will be good for blasting around the skies FPV

  • Where would you put the APM?  What length flight times are you getting?



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