How to power the APM

Hey folks,

I'm still reading and planning this winter's UAV, which will most certainly operate Arduplane.

I see that usually APM gets its power from the BEC off the ESC, via the throttle pins.  The plan I have for my plane is to use a separate BEC to drive the servos at 6V and offer a higher amperage so that they don't brown out the system.

That brings two questions to mind: 

  1. How do I power the APM with a BEC?  Will plugging it into the receiver still power the APM & servos?  I know there's a separate pair of pins for an alternative power source (like bench testing), but from what I understand, power from those pins isn't passed on to the servos.
  2. And will the APM tolerate 6v if I want to run higher voltage to the servos?



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  • The problem I am having is that the one BEC/ESC power feed gets that ESC very hot because of the load it has to supply to the APM,GPS,Xbee and RC receiver. Its a lot of load from a small circuit that isn't intended for this.

    I was wondering if some how a  regulator can be made up so the four BECs can be used to supply the power and so it can balance the voltage to avoid the one ESC over heating. This I would suspect would be the best way. just I'm not sure how to make this up electronically.

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    1) Yes. 

    2) Yes, but don't go over that.

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