• I have restrained myself up to this point, I was waiting to see if you had a unique instance of a radiating APM, but from the generalised responses that you have posted can only deduce that you have a little knowledge of a big subject and unfortunately have decided that tinfoil will cure any actual or perceived RC problems...

      ... I have actually tested the HK Micro APM with a 'real' FR spectrum analyser (not the frequency sniffer capabilities of an OpenLRS module) and have been unable to detect any spurious RF on 390MHz - 490MHz (which should cover all OpenLRS frequencies that you may be using).

      Hence I would repeat my original comment, with a slight correction... is your APM actually radiating on OpenLRS frequencies?

      If the answer is no (as would appear to be the case based upon my own measurements), then the answer to your original question is No, it is a bad idea.

    • You could also use a RX designed for a carbon fuse.  We have RF challenges in high performance sailplanes thanks to the large amount of conductive carbon fiber in the airframe.  Maybe you can also help abate some of the noise with a toroidal choke at one or more strategic locations?

  • I would suggest it is a bad idea due to the very high chance of a short circuit.

    The only sensor to be effected would be the magnetometer but if you calibrate it with the foil in place it should work.

    • I just taped it first with tape to protect it and then I covered with food aluminum foil, then again I tapped it with tape to protect aluminum foil and then I cut the holes to this three layers for connectors. Then I calibrated compass. It seems to work. Should I calibrate also accelerometer? Only I am afraid if it will work as normal?

    • Depends how you are fixing the APM to the aircraft. If it goes in exactly the same place each time (eg a mount) then no need to recalibrate the accel.  If you use velcro, so not exactly the same place then you do.

      I am not familiar with APM mini, but check that it isnt getting hot with all that tape and aluminium foil insulating it.

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