Log Bitmask type and calculator ?

Hi ArduPlane people. 
Can somebody tell me what data type the log_bitmask parameter value is for ArduPlane (V3.X) ?

In ArduCopter it's a signed value (2's complement). Is it in Plane also ?

On from that, has anyone got a bitmask calculator for the log_bitmask that saves time doing value modifications ?



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  • Both web based calcs gives different results... No idea what to trust.

  • Hi, just one question regarding the logging in Arduplane 3.3.0, why even if the log parameter is set to 2, I'm getting the log file with the messages ATT, FMT, IMU, MSG and PARM - I just wanted the ATT - I do not get it.

    IMU eats a lot of memory.

    Please, let me know if you have some answer.


  • Here is an app to calculate the bitmask Flag values for the Logs in Mission Planner.

    Download the version for the OS you are using.




    • Hi Paul,

      Will the flags calculator work for both APMplane and APMCopter, or just Plane ?

      It seems to when I've tried it blindly, but I wonder if both use the same bits for the same flags ???


    • Here is a version for Android devices as well :)

      Its not in the Play Store so you can only install if you set your security to "Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store"


    • And if you want to try the app without downloading and running an EXE on your computer...


    • 100KM

      Thanks Paul!!

    • Ditto, I love the Windows exe of the bit flag tool, quick and easy.



    • PS. I think this should be included in the Mission Planner as a pop up tool.

  • I created a new LOG_BITMASK calculator using Arducopter 3.2.1 parameters and it works very well.


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