Plane gose CRAZY always Big pitch up + log

Hi all , Come back again after test,

Hardware :

My Own plane , similar to Skywallker ,

Flight controller : Pixhack CUAV .

GPS : Ublux 7

other additional tools ,

Software :

Firmware : Arduplane 3.4

 GCS : Mission Planner.

with out AirSpeed , throttle cruise 60 ,

the plane takeoff good in stab mode then start big  pitch up then stabe while trying to control the plane , many time it make a big pitch up ,

change mode to auto , this time the throttle works good but it did a pig pitch up again to stall level then I take control with stab again many time

I don't know what happen this time and what is the reason of that ,

the log file size is 57 MB and try to add to winrar it become 11 MB but limit attach file here is 7 MB

How to Upload it for you

hope I can find answers for my problem

best regards

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    • thanks

  • here is the log file for the small first test

    2016-01-15 12-03-20.rar
  • How well does it fly manually?  Its always best to take one problem at a time.   Be certain that your design is stable when flying manually to reduce the amount of correction needed which will also give you a more stable camera platform.  It sounds to me like your horizontal stabilizer is either too small or too close to the center of lift and/or your CG is very far back, very close to or behind the center of pressure.

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