Problem with compass calibration. Weird shift

Hello everybody. 

Have occurred weird problem with second compass and its calibration.

Here already problem was explained by another forum member. :

I thought, I have same situation, some magnetic field affect on my compass. I just demount pixhawk + gps(with second compass) from plane. Mount it to wood rail, far from any magnetic fields, Do calibration one more time , but still problem exist. Second compass have weird shift during calibration process.

Try with different versions of Adpuplane.


I need advice from more experienced users

Thanks a lot. 





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  • Thanks guys,

    That's unbelievable, that was thin metal nail between black case and tape. I used it to increase stability of gps during mounting of it to not-plain surface on my plane. I completely forgot about this nail, and when i change it to wood one, problem gone.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Like that user said, his canopy magnets were the culprit.

    Battery alarm creates also an important magnetic field, I found that out recently.
    In mission planner you can experiment the mag field live by going to Flight Data > Status tab and then watch the "magfield" value behaviour. Try putting something close like the battery alarm and watch the values skyrocket.

    I suggest you to detect that way the cause of your problem by moving closer/away parts of yout

    • I remove Pixhawk and external gps with compass in order to eliminate any magnetic field around. Please have a look to 4.JPG, that is just wood rail with pixhawk and gps on it. I can't understand why something affect to external compass and internal does not have this shift . (

    • Its best to do it outside, away from any powerlines and underground power, preferably somewhere with little infrastructure and power like your flying field.

    • What are your magfield readings now?
      Try to consider anything, like e.g. a nail in the stick, or something metallic under that wooden floor.
      Move that stick and have always an eye on that magfield. Take the antenna from that stick, and see if it changes.
      If nothing changes considerably, perhaps that antenna is broken.

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