Right Aileron Raises when i roll the APM to the right

  1. When i roll the APM to the right, My Right Aileron Raises  and the left Aileron Moves down.
  2. Using my transmitter when i move the roll Stick Right, the Right Aileron Raises and the left Aileron Goes down.

Is bullet point number 1 incorrect ?

I think bullet 2 is correct.

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  • hi

    as Chris Anderson said you need to look here http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/arduplane-setup/first-time-apm-setu...

    basically you need to put a tick in elevon config on each option to see which will make a difference, i had the same issue.

  • 3D Robotics

    No, that means you need to reverse that channel in the MP. This is in the manual here

    • Chris, are both items 1 and 2 wrong? If its only item 1 then wont it break the operation of item 2 as it then will be reversed?

    • Damo, when APM in stabilize mode and you tilt Apm to the right, right aileron need to move down and left aileron need to move up. This is to level the plane, and is the same as left stick input on transmitter.

      Thus your option 1 is moving in the wrong direction.
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