Strange Flight (Logs Included)

Hi guys,

This got me really stumped. My friends returned from the field with this flight log after fearing that the Super Sky Surfer plane went on a flyaway, before miraculously returning to home 50 minutes after takeoff when it should have returned within 30 minutes. The logs show that GPS signal was excellent and no errors were reported. 

I could tell the plane was fighting hard (huge offset between actual and demand pitch/roll values). We've flown in windier conditions with success but this was just strange because it strayed completely away from the waypoints but managed to return home. 

Link to the log file below since it is beyond the upload limit of diydrones



2013-11-20 11-25 220.kmz

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  • how remarkable it came back!? Wow very impressive!! Seems something somehow worked

This reply was deleted.