Turnigy Trust 70A ESC Issues

Hello all,

I have been working on a VTOL modification for a couple of weeks now, and had just gotten to the point of conducting a few hover tests. The night before I went through and checked to make sure everything was properly functioning, and all was well. On the day of the test however, I began running into issues. At first, the ESCs started giving the error beeping tones on two of the motors; however, after unplugging the ESC from the battery (Turnigy 5000 mAh 4 cell) and Pixhawk and reconnecting them, all was well. I then went to go run the flight test, and one motor began spinning with much higher thrust than the others. The day before I had checked these and the limits were configured. To resolve this I simply reconfigured the limits. Now we get to the interesting part. After these issues were resolved one of my ESCs stopped sending power through the BEC, and would not emit any startup tones in the motors. I attempted to reprogram it with the use of a program card, also to check to see if it was sending signal to the motors, which it was not. This started with just one ESC, but has now affected a total of three. I can't seem to understand what the issue is. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I believe that these were just poor ESCs. Eventually all of the ESCs were shot. I ended up replacing the Turnigy Trust ESCs with the Turnigy Plush and have had much more success with these. Thank you all for your help!

  • I had issues with this esc as well. Mine however was that it would intermittently cut out. I believe they are junk!

  • Hello dear Evan,

    Wow, well i hope i can help.

    First of all, does your BECs are external type or internal ( built in the ESC )? Just for more clarification.

    I think it is a lose in connection somehow especially for the first esc one that completely out of service :) then the remaining 2. Try to check the battery first it has to be 3.4v each cell atleast so it gives the required power for 4 motors. Second try to check the connections before and after each esc ( and external BEC if available).

    Did you calibrate each ESC alone? As i remember you have to do so for each one and be aware that all have the same settings. Also, the motors calibrate it if it needs to, because some motor brands needs pre-calibration and i am not sure if yours do.《《 You must be able to control each motor alone without any problem before combining 4.

    I hope this can help.

    Best of luck
  • Absolutely. Here is just a rough diagram of my layout. I extended the motor wires to reach out to the motors on the motor booms. I wondered if this could have caused the issue. The lengths were 3 foot extension for the back motors and 2 foot extensions for the front. The frame is a Skywalker X8 with the ESCs & batteries in the front.

    VTOL Diagram.jpg

  • Can you show a wiring diagram and include what motors you are running?

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