Wind Contingent Auto Land?

This is a feature I have been considering implementing. However, I am not overly familiar with planning missions. Perhaps there is an obvious workaround that I do not see?

How does everyone handle wind during auto landings? You could plan the landing in the field. But, this requires telemetry, and most importantly, being in the field, is subject to human error.

I would like to set up two possible auto land scenarios in one mission. These two landing scenarios would differ by 180 degrees in the approach heading. The plane would do one or two low passes over the preplanned landing waypoints, estimating wind speed in each direction. The APM would then choose the landing approach that is most against the wind.

Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Dave, I tried my first auto land, it was unsuccessful, insha Allah I will try again. I was intreuged to read that even in cross wind the the APM coped with the landing......crabbing at 45°......masha Allah.

    Was there any particular parameter setting that you did before it could do that? My Twinstar2 was doing quite well until 2 to 3 waypoints before the end, where it ballooned when a gust of wind blew, it was about 15-20mph that day.

    Thank you in advance for any pointers.

  • Thanks for your replies!

    I was curious if someone as using the waypoints in Mission Planner in a way that I did not understand to so something fancy like this for landing. I'd rather not have to plan my landing in the field. For me, the likelihood of human error (myself!) is far higher in the field.

    With my plane in the air, a possibly hurried landing, and the sun glare on my laptop, I would rather try my handing at coding an adaptive landing algorithm at my desk with my coffee. Such an auto landing change should also include (as you noted) vectoring and runway boundaries. We'll see.

  • The only ways to do this currently requires telemetry during the flight.  You can either have a comprehensive mission programmed in such a way where you have two different landing strips, one after another, and then using telemetry you can "Set WP" to the starting step of which ever approach pattern gets you landing in the direction you want, or, you can have the end of your working mission end in a rally/loiter point, and then upload the appropriate landing script for your given conditions.

    Keep in mind that Auto Land doesn't factor in vectoring or runway boundaries, so you have to carefully plan each landing and note the speed and descent angle and all those things while planning.  Like you said, subject to human error indeed!

    Sorry I couldn't give you a better answer.  One thing you can do is post an enhancement request to github and perhaps get some traction with that as well.

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