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  • I realized something that I should have picked up sooner:  When you install an APM in a model plane that calls for, say, a 30 amp ESC, you may need to increase the size of the ESC.  I was recently getting some strange bugs (servos moving erratically in synch with the blinking GPS LED and the APM resetting spontaneously).  Clue: the problems decreased when I shortened the wing servo leads.  I slept on it and decided that the only thing the GPS, board logic, and all the servos had in common was power.  I put a 60 amp ESC in and, shazaam, no more problems.

  • T3

    Hi Jim, same problem here, iam struggling over a month to make it work.

    btw v2.25 is camera ready??

     some screenshot would be extremely helpfull!!!

    thanks from me too.

  • Hi everyone, I and tried to put to work the camera tracking, but the attempt failed and... I would like to know if someone put to work ... you can pass me the code with the code tracking APM embedded camera? or a screenshot of how it should place the code ... thanks

  • hi friends, can anyone tell me when is the ardupilot board would be available with 96 Mhz ARM processor. keenly awaiting the arduino board with ARM processor.

  • I would like to to have an 'as much ready to fly' ArduPlane. I want to make sure I get the right plane and equipment (do not wish to solder or mock with hardware, software dev is ok though). 


    one thing though I might have to fly in cold weather. So the choice of the plane and servos and so is important. 


    My main interest is autopilot and auto landing. 


    have long strip of a road in front of our fram, so I can have pretty long and straight landing space





  • Hi all, I was using APM firmware AC 2039  had success flying my QUAD. but now I want to urge the APM in my skywalker. plane load the 2.22 firmware to configure all the sensors and radio as usual and it works well. but when I disconnect the battery and reconnect the battery you lose all the configuration of sensors, radio (Tx) and ESC.

    know why can this be happening?

    some consideration needed to change ACM APM?


  • i am using Thomas Scherrer 433 MHz LRS system with APM 2.12. The Failsafe programming is very easy and very effective. using the bind button on Tx of LRS you can put the mode switch to RTL in case of loss of signal. i have tried it on the ground many times but am scared to try in air with my skywalker which is flying fantastically accurate with APM2.12. Servos were getting noisy and sluggish with the Scherrer LRS receiver so i changed the servoes to good quality digital ones form Hobbyking. I think a good quality digital servo on rudder has made my way point navigaiton very accurate. Skywalker is very sensitive to CG. Can someone tell me bst CG for skywalker from the leading edge.3692249860?profile=original

  • I would like to suggest a software feature i think will help everyone. Especially those who need more hands off approach. I would like to help in any way i can however my programming is old. I would like to see a fail safe feature added that will detect low batteries or power or fuel or even a malfunction that is critical but not to serious that the plane cannot fly for a designated time. It would detect said items and then it would start to drop altitude and or start a landing sequence to get it to land with no harm. From what i read so far you have a system set up to automatically land. So i dont know if it will be hard or worth implementation or even a mention lol
  • I would like to make the suggestion that any camera control outputs should support high res. servos with a 1 us dead band. Many imu's don't so if you are running servos in continuous rotation mode (Geared down drive), it won't hold a neutral point. My current stand alone camera IMU has .1 us output. and 20 deg/sec gyro. That gyro would not be a general recommendation because my FC system is set up to cage the IMU to stay within that FSR.  i.e. Super Dupa stable mode!!!!
  • @Clyde - other option for manual control on 5-8 is just to plug straight into the receiver :)
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Long distance LiPo

I'm currently building a Talon (v3), mainly waiting for parts.While looking for high capacity batteries I found out two things; There are a lot of brands, and prices are still steep in the high-cap regions.I've also seen a few people on the Tube using 18650 cells, but none of those explain why.Does anyone here have experience with these custom 18650 packs?And which 'cheap' brands of standard 5~12A 4S seem to work best?I'm going to use an Emax GT3526 710KV swinging a 13x6.5 prop, which should…

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Quad plane pitch problem

Hi I have been setting up 2 quad planes, pretty standard setups...flying wing with 4 vtol motors and a rear mounted pusher motor. Both builds wich are on different firmware versions have reversed pitch in quad mode but correct pitch and pitch stabilisation in plane mode. I cannot for the life of me find a parameter related solely to quad pitch reversal. Is there anyone out there that can help with this? Thanks.

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PreArm Check Error : Gyros inconsistent

Hi guys, I have a Pixhawk from Radiolink and always in every first attempt of armed I get the error "PreArm: Gyro Inconsistent".The most strange thing is that i'm using only the external gyro+compass. i disabled the internal to avoid this issue. Also- I tried to recalibrate the gyros at least 5 times.- I changed the firmware version from the latest to the 3.8.53 because i have a friend with the same board and he does not have issues.But i have the same behaviorIf i disconnect the battery and…

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Hello, I'm new to ArduPilot, but not to computing or open source.  I'm working with a group building a tailsitter with a single pair of props for both hover and horizontal cruise.  (For type of VTOL, think Ryan X-13 or Martin V-BAT.)We were going to use a Spektrum ground transmitter and receiver using DSMX.  However, when I look at the controller boards we might use, they mention "Spekrum (inc satellite) receiver" or "Spektrum Satellit DSM" or DSM2.  Consulting with a friend, the receiver…

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