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Cruise speed


I want to adjust cruise speed.

At default settings I have a ground speed of about 42km/h (without airspeed sensor), and I think the optimal speed should be lower. In the mission planner I have value "Cruise speed", default 12m/s. I updated it to 9.

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Long distance LiPo

I'm currently building a Talon (v3), mainly waiting for parts.

While looking for high capacity batteries I found out two things; There are a lot of brands, and prices are still steep in the high-cap regions.

I've also seen a few people on the Tube usin

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Quad plane pitch problem

Hi I have been setting up 2 quad planes, pretty standard setups...flying wing with 4 vtol motors and a rear mounted pusher motor. Both builds wich are on different firmware versions have reversed pitch in quad mode but correct pitch and pitch stabili

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Hello, I'm new to ArduPilot, but not to computing or open source.  I'm working with a group building a tailsitter with a single pair of props for both hover and horizontal cruise.  (For type of VTOL, think Ryan X-13 or Martin V-BAT.)

We were going to

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APM Pro and APM Planner 2.25

No servo output on S1, S2 for elevons.

Servos work great connected directly to Rx.

APM Planner shows artificial horrizon and compass.  Radio calibration looks OK.

Problem is, no output signal.

Is this a defective flight controller?

Any trouble shooting ad

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