Nevers, Nievre

About Me:

I'm an aero engineer, sailmaker and pilot, (about 3300 hours, single engine land, IFR,, seaplane and glider pilot)retired and disabled (no legs) and as of 2016 a total newbie at arduino and APM. Learning.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

RC modeler since 1960 (yes, that's a 6), with a long gap to go sailing (gone 14 years), then to France. Since legs went to the trash, went back to little airplanes. Legal Resident of France.


Paris for 15 years, then Nevers (central France)

Activity Feed

James Miller left a comment on PIXHAWK
"Bernardo, I switched cables, not the problem. The power is from my big tower, and is main-board power-it's fine too.
When it works there's a lot of light activity that I don't understand. I hate not understanding. I need to educate myself. Can someo…"
Jan 11, 2017
James Miller left a comment on PIXHAWK
If I plug in a battery to the (connected) power monitor the pixhawk will light up one time out of 3. If I plug in the USB port to my PC, to a full-service port using the cable that came with it, my pixhawk does not light at all-- just…"
Jan 11, 2017