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Love planes, trains, and automobiles.

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Been flying model planes for 40 years. Started with line control, moved onto R/C, and started experimenting with telemetry about 5 years ago. My sons and I have flown competitively and won a purse or two. UAV could make us even faster.


San Jose

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David Long commented on Bryan Galusha's blog post iOS Groundstation on indiegogo
"Can you show how it will attach to an iPhone?"
Mar 20, 2013
David Long replied to Majid Khan's discussion Help needed regarding arducopter crashes
"Hi Majid,
I'm having a similar problem and am trying to get to the bottom of it by comparing your configuration with mine.
BTW, I admire the foam cushion design.
Can you share a little more of your thinking on why you reduced the RATE_PIT_P from the…"
Dec 26, 2012
David Long replied to Steve's discussion Servo vs Nav PID Gain Tuning?
"I believe I have read the Manual thoroughly and have not found a complete key to the parameters.  So, I have experimented and parsed the code to learn their effects.  I also have not found a detailed key to the log files.  I figured documenting the…"
Jan 24, 2012
David Long left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"I bought a Castle BEC a few months ago and I've been staring at it :) wondering: Is the BEC necessary because the ESC is designed poorly?  Why doesn't someone make an ESC that isolates the motor pulse circuit from the BEC?"
Dec 1, 2011
David Long left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"I really am of a mixed on this.  On the one hand, the amount of current that the ESC must supply to run the servos, APM, Rx, and Xbee is trivial compared to the motor's draw.  (This points to quality, not quantity.)  But the fact that longer servo…"
Dec 1, 2011
David Long left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"Warren... Yep, the Xbee is on there too."
Dec 1, 2011
David Long left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"Warren, I agree with you on the quality of the current being the big factor.  However, capacity comes to mind... when I removed the aileron servos (which together have leads about a meter long) and attached a single lightweight servo with no…"
Nov 30, 2011
David Long left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"I realized something that I should have picked up sooner:  When you install an APM in a model plane that calls for, say, a 30 amp ESC, you may need to increase the size of the ESC.  I was recently getting some strange bugs (servos moving erratically…"
Nov 30, 2011
David Long commented on Tommy Neubauer's blog post A True Atrocity
"I just received this from the AMA:
Oct 6, 2011
David Long commented on Tommy Neubauer's blog post A True Atrocity
"The AMA magazine, Model Aviation has an editorial on UAS this month.  It's positive, echoing points I've heard on this forum -- that inherently useful and instructive technology can't be abandoned because it can be used for evil. 
In the AMA, there…"
Sep 29, 2011
David Long replied to drjlsmit's discussion USB Power
"Hi Julian,
The answer to all of your questions is Yes, with the possible exception of the GPS rate.  I have used the APM to log trips by train, bicycle, and car.  Just as you suggest, you can power the APM with a laptop connected to its USB…"
Sep 22, 2011
David Long replied to David Long's discussion Convenient Platform for Testing in ArduPlane User Group
"BTW, that's a SiFR III GPS shown in the picture (available through Sparkfun).  I tested it in place of the MediaTek, hoping for faster GPS locks.  (It cuts the lock time roughly in half to about 35 seconds, though it's 4x bigger so if weight is an…"
Sep 20, 2011
David Long posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
I settled on an eFlite Taylorcraft as a good platform for testing the APM.  The cabin is large and the wing has a window on top.  I left the cabin side windows out to so I could reach in to flip the CLI switch and insert a USB cable when needed.I…
Sep 19, 2011