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  • i just flew an RC airplane without APM... not used to having fingers on sticks so much anymore lol. 

  • I got the new Taranis radio and I absolutely love it. The stock battery really stinks however and of course the radio died on me when I was 3 miles away from home. The APM turned around and flew home perfectly. While she loitered over our heads I created an approach and she flew it down to a perfect autolanding. It helped that I had plenty of battery and knowlege of the landing site to firgure it out.

    This experience made me think about having a small game controller as a backup to the RC Tx. I have  afew questions about how this works.

    If the Joystick is enabled for pitch and roll, what happens to the pitch and roll stick on the RC Tx?  Are the controls mixed, or does it lock out the RC? If it locks out the RC Tx (a bit scary), how can I get it back besides going to the joystick page and pressing disengage?

    If I loose telemetry, will it instantly revert back to RC control?

    How have people managed the throttle control on game pads that have no slider?  Is there a game pad with a slider? Is there a way to press buttons repeatedly to increase/decrease throttle? Having the throttle spring-loaded back to 50% also seems a bit scary.

  • Hi Michael

    sorry, this place here is not well suited for discussion, please move it over to the forum (i cannot even respond to your message). And if you have one, please attach a telemetry log so other can have a closer look.



  • Hey simon yeah 2.6 but thats what i dont understand, I have flown about 6 flights with it performing perfectly then this flight is didnt perform very well at all and i suspect the compass/gps module is to blame since the compass was acting up on the ground. Any ideas on how i can go about fixing this? thanks

  • Hi Michael

    i guess you are using AMP 2.6 with an external compass/gps module? 

    First tim i used it i ha a bit of a WTF moment.

    Please read carefully through the official arduplane wiki about the compass, the orientation configuration is not very intuitive:


    A better place to ask such questions would be in the forum.



  • Hey guys, Im having trouble with my External GPS/Compass module in my SkyWalker X8. I flew a mapping mission the other day and everything worked flawlessly and today and flew another mission at the same location and my compass was acting all iffy. It said the plane was point 90 degrees to it right when the plane was on the ground and when i picked the plane up and moved it over to that 90..rather than another 90 to the right it did about 60 to the left....I launched the plane hoping it would correct in the air which it seemed too but the mapping mission was all over the place..like it was very un-tuned. Any ideas? 

  • Hi all,

    Had a pretty annoying crash on Friday with my X8. Happened when I switched from RTL to FBW-A. Randomly flicked into manual for some reason (shouldn't have done) and the aircraft banked sharply.

    My initial suspicion was that my rx browned out, but it is on the same 5v rail as APM, and the datalog for the 5v line looks reasonable.

    If anyone is free, and bored, and fancies having a look at my data for a diagnosis I would be forever grateful!




  • Sorry Guys, I should have made this a thread, but closing it now.

    I finally went down the path of the board picking up particles or moisture during my last landing (was early morning and damp, and the Bixler2 has a stupid down facing intake). Did a gentle alcohol wash (brush on dab off), just one square centimeter at a time, then  dried it overnight at 40 degrees centigrade.

    All fixed!!!

  • Please make a thread for issues instead of discussing at group level... :-)

  • just save the param file and reload the arduplane. reload the param file. and try again.

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Cruise speed

Hi,I want to adjust cruise speed.At default settings I have a ground speed of about 42km/h (without airspeed sensor), and I think the optimal speed should be lower. In the mission planner I have value "Cruise speed", default 12m/s. I updated it to 9.5, but don't see any change in actual cruise speed.How to set cruise speed?Are these different settings with RTL speed? For RTL I prefer keep it as is - less efficient, but more reliable.Is it possible to adjust cruise speed during flight, providing…

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Long distance LiPo

I'm currently building a Talon (v3), mainly waiting for parts.While looking for high capacity batteries I found out two things; There are a lot of brands, and prices are still steep in the high-cap regions.I've also seen a few people on the Tube using 18650 cells, but none of those explain why.Does anyone here have experience with these custom 18650 packs?And which 'cheap' brands of standard 5~12A 4S seem to work best?I'm going to use an Emax GT3526 710KV swinging a 13x6.5 prop, which should…

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Quad plane pitch problem

Hi I have been setting up 2 quad planes, pretty standard setups...flying wing with 4 vtol motors and a rear mounted pusher motor. Both builds wich are on different firmware versions have reversed pitch in quad mode but correct pitch and pitch stabilisation in plane mode. I cannot for the life of me find a parameter related solely to quad pitch reversal. Is there anyone out there that can help with this? Thanks.

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PreArm Check Error : Gyros inconsistent

Hi guys, I have a Pixhawk from Radiolink and always in every first attempt of armed I get the error "PreArm: Gyro Inconsistent".The most strange thing is that i'm using only the external gyro+compass. i disabled the internal to avoid this issue. Also- I tried to recalibrate the gyros at least 5 times.- I changed the firmware version from the latest to the 3.8.53 because i have a friend with the same board and he does not have issues.But i have the same behaviorIf i disconnect the battery and…

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