Let me start off by apologizing if this is considered spam, but I wanted to let you guys know that I have decided to start a small side gig and build/sell some hulls for Adruboat projects. I’m looking for any input, suggestions, comments, and to spread the word of new options for hulls. You can see my site (work in progress at this point) here: www.durahull.com  

I've been a member here for a while, and have been enjoying my ArduBoat projects. Some of you may recall my Bali Kayak build. While that Kayak works well, it's a little too limited in component placement, and tends to collect water in the seating area during storms, so I decided to design some new aluminum hulls for my projects after being unable able to find many affordable options already out there. I notice there is a number of discussions here regarding good options for hulls to use as well, and others using the Bali Kayak, so figured hey… maybe there is an opportunity here!

Let me know your thoughts, and if there is anything else you’d like to see made available, design suggestions, and such.

Thank you!





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  • From my experience, if you are going down the cat path, look to keep the inside edges close to vertical. This provides minimal bow wave toward the middle of the boat which is important if you are installing a sounder. Also consider a "Tri-Marwan" concept like mine where you can install a wet well (a container of water in which you enclose the transducer inside the hull and Ping through the hull).
    • Don't know why the images didn't load. 3702631799?profile=original


    • Probably correct about the vertical inside of the hull.  I have my transducer hanging about 2 inches below the thrusters on the aft part of the vehicle.  It costs me about 1 Amp of drag but was really my only option unless I convert my cat to a tri. 


      David R. Boulanger

  • Sure wish I could weld like that!!  I'm a fan of Catamarans.  They are very stable and give you a large bridge deck to attach payloads underneath.


    David R. Boulanger

    • David, Yes, me too - I am working on a 3rd design called the DuraCat. It will be basically a double ended version of the DuraHull38, ideally powered by two T100 thrusters in a differential mode. (No rudder/servo mechanism to wear out) The exact dimensions are still in the air, I plan on it being solar powered, or at least solar powered as an option, so am looking for an appropriate panel and will size it around that. Anyway, I will soon have one built with some photos. 

      It will be here: https://durahull.com/products/duracat40-autonomous-catamaran-hull

  • This looks fantastic! Very nice and I think a very reasonable price for such a hull.


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