Suitable Boat Kits for autonomous missions


I've been searching the net the past few days to search for a suitable boat that i can fit a pixhawk and 3-4 gopros for a project.  Do you folks have any to recommend?

I dont really have the tools, equipment to custom build a boat from scratch that's why i have to buy kits where i only have to do minor customisation to fit whatever i need.

Anyone successful in fitting gimbals on boats as well?

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  • @AntimatterCrusader, I like the kayak! How have you made the electric outboard steerable and which type/make did you use?

  • Costco has children's (6') kayaks for $100. They work great! Plenty of space to work, cheap, and tough. 

    You might also check out mozziecraft: awesome stuff there too!

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    • Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I've built several ardupilot planes, copters and one rover over the years. I'm thinking of building a boat next. Would you mind sharing the steering servo you used? I'm unsure of the torque needed to handle the thrust of a trolling motor.

      I've also been looking for a good size boat to put everything, but cant seem to find anything suitable. Like your kayak, I have a small canoe that I'm going to retrofit.

    • I ended up changing the design to use a rudder instead of turning the trolling motor - as it did strip out servos, even large scale ones. 

      I'll post some pictures of my setup here later, when I get home. 

  • Thanks everyone for the input! 

    I've ordered a Princess RC boat from hobbyking as a start to learn and understand what i will be dealing with.  This is my first time on an RC boat after spending a considerable amount of time with planes and copters.  The princess might not be able to fit that many gopros. i am considering going for smaller camera sizes like gopro sessions!

    I am still trying to figure out how to fit the pixhawk in the compartment!

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      Where do you plan to run your boat: pools, lakes, streams, ocean?



    • For now, Lakes/streams relatively calm waters

      Sea and ocean not so soon.



    • Nichon,

      I will take a picture of my current camera turret and gimbal this afternoon and post it with an explanation of why it is built the way it is.


      David R. Boulanger

  • Nochin,

    Take a look at Models by Design.

    They have a fiberglass catamaran that is a model of the wind farm service vessels called Wildcat 53.  It come in 2 sizes, 50 inch length by 20 inch beam, and half that size.  Model Boats magazine has done an article on the build of the large kit in August and September 2015. This is a very stable vessel.

    Ken McMillan

    Models By Design : Our Boats
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    Here is a boat kit that would probably be big enough for your needs, but takes a lot of work.



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