Dominator 450L APM 2.6 Build

I had a Dominator 450L sitting around and I decided to install my old APM 2.6 so that I can continue to 3691249858?profile=originallearn traditional helicopters with out jeopardizing my 700 Trex with a PixHawk. So I have had success setting up traditional helicopters.  This is my 700 Trex. 

It is a Dominator 700L with a PixHawk designed for mapping and S&R. It currently has 40-50hrs on it and running strong. I have had a few incidents with it that were complete newbie mistakes. So this system has recently been donated to NMSU, UAS Flight Test Center for continued R&D and Flight operations. 

With that, to the subject at hand. I have built my Dominator 450L and installed the APM 2.6. I have leveled the head and completed all the ground setup. I noticed that when I arm the APM and start the motor with channel 8 all works well until I switch to Alt Hold and Loiter. I no longer have control of Pitch, Roll, and Yaw. It just goes to full negative collective even if I give it full positive on the controller. This doesn't seem right and I have never ran into this situation with my PixHawk. Has anyone else run into this with the APM 2.6, and if so what is the corrective action on this.

Thanks in advance....





2015-10-14 13-55-05 95.bin

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  • Here is the first test flight. Vibration is surprisingly high considering my shock mount. I will need to relook at the swash plate and double check the blade tracking.

    Here is the recent log.

    Rob, if you can take a look and see if that is all.

    I might go head and install a Pixhawk so that I can utilize the EKF.


    2015-10-16 17-33-46.bin

  • Hi Jo, I had the same issue with trex 500L and a pixhawk.
    • I have read that before but with my pixhawk I was able to get it to go in to alt hold and and see motion. I will test once my compass and GPS make it here. I had to order a new one for this build. 



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