Is fly-bar less rotor head better?

Hi I was starting a build for trad helicopter.

I'v done multirotor and fixed wing with great success.

My question is simple... Starting from scratch should I go with a flybarless direct control rotor head or is a rotor head with a fly bar better for the pixhawk?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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  • That's good to know. I'm looking for endurance, uplift and nice steady - boring platform for aerial work.

    Thanks Randy.

    • @Jacko, did you find a platform that worked?  I'm wondering if these are still very DIY to get a Pixhawk flying it in Auto or if they have progressed to where multicopters are at (almost plug-n-play).

    • Yes, works great. Though LIDAR works best.

  • Developer

    Yes, I agree with William, flybarless works much better.  When I switched from flybarred to flybarless there was an incredible improvement in how it flew.


  • Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

  • It can do both, but flybar less is better as Pixhawk is try to control the angle of the whole heli and doesn't know what the fly bar is doing.
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