So I have started to play with auto flights and have some longer segments that I would like to add a little more speed between them. I found the Do Change Speed in the mission planner on the waypoint drop down box. When selected it appears that you can add a speed in M/Sec to the planner. That is great, but my question is has anyone played with this? Is the speed you entered only for that single leg of the mission or is that speed held though the rest of the mission. Do I need to change the speed back down in the next leg? In my search I found some much older posts about some people having issues with using this and reporting possible bugs. Just asking some questions before I send out my copter on a bad mission. 



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  • Once you include the Do_Set_Speed Command as part of your flight plan, the aircraft will remain at that speed until otherwise commanded. You can use it to traverse a long leg of the plan faster, then change it back to a slower speed if needed by adding another Do_Set Speed Command.

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    Try a little experiment and see what happens when you change DO_CHANGE_SPEED. I'd be curious to see what you find out?
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