GPS malfunctioning or ???

Anyone get this error in their logs?  My Y6 would not hold position in Loiter/PosHold and it appears the hdop is increasingly exceeding 2.0. I took off in stab mode, switched to HoldPos to test, and the thing was wondering all over; I barely had control over it, had to switch to stab to prevent crash.

I don't remember seeing this before.

PwC9MSB.pngHere's a video of the Y6 just sitting in the front yard in MP flight data screen. Not a cloud in the sky.  What the?

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  • Looks like you have between 8 and 9 sats so that could be causing some issue - you will get a 3d fix with fewer satellites but of course the more (I like to have 13+) the better.

    Also ensure GPS and compass wires are braided where possible and check your motor and electrical interference (plenty of instructions online to help with that).

  • I have had that happen, but never figured out why. It happened maybe two or three days in a row, but hasn't happened now for the last few weeks. APM 2.6 with external Ublox GPS.

    I put some foil tape under my GPS unit to try to reduce noise from electronics, but I'm not sure it made any difference. I put my GPS unit on a mast a couple weeks after it first occurred, but by the time the mast arrived in the mail the issue had already gone away.

    I couldn't use Loiter for those few days, but since then things have gone back to normal.

  • I can't tell in the video, but how many sats do you have??

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