How do I keep the camera targeted?

If I wanted to create waypoints around a picturesque light house how do I set up the waypoints so the camera is always pointing at the light house? I am a newby so I don't know what mission planning command applies to this example. Experts out there, please enlighten me.

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  • T3
    Use the Range of Interest(ROI)command after each waypoint. I'd recommend keeping you mission plans simple to begin with. Test each commands to get a better understanding on how they reacts.
    Have fun and fly safe.
  • Pretty basic photography scenario. Anybody know how to make the vehicle accomplish this target following? Help please.
  • I am a noob and just getting my Y6 all dialed in with a new gopro and I haven't tried to do this just yet but I have the same question bouncing around my head. When I run a auto flight I don't get why the copter does things some times for example just a simple 3 waypoint flight when it hits WP2 and goes to WP3 the copter stayed pointing to the same heading as it flew from WP1 to WP2 and it flies sideways to the last WP. Other times it seems to point to the WP it is flying to. I don't think I did anything different in MP but its all part of the learning experience I guess. 

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