How fast is a Y6?

I thought the flights I was doing where AT LEAST up to 40 mph (about 60 kph), but MP says 25 in the logs (spd).  Just don't ask 25 what, 'cause I honestly do not know!  I am SURE it was more than 25 kph! So, just how fast can you fly a Y6?  I was in drift mode, by the way...  I guess that limits it somewhat (although to be honest, it did not seem so!)

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  • I wonder if in follow mw mode the Y6 will go that fast?

  • I think you'll find that's m/s (metres per second) which is just shy of 60mph..

    • OK, in that case, I was about right...  I told my wife 80 Kph, and 25 m&s is actually 90 Kph!  I guess that-s more than fast enough!

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