• Cool video.  Way to short though...  LOL 

    • Yeah, I know.  3 reasons for that:

      1. I took some time to set up, and the bus was leaving to the second site by the time I returned to the ground

      2. When I took off, there was some vibration, and I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out what was going on.  At the end, I took my chances and did 2 passes, but because of the vibrations, I was not so confident to fly into the pit.  Not to mention that my video Tx was acting up, so I had no video signal and no visibility of the craft once inside the tub...

      3. I need to learn patience!  Much of the video is moving too fast to make for a good video (in fact, the first pass is not usable).  I also need to learn to follow through...  The best shots are the ones where I actually go PAST the main subject!

      BUT, I have to admit that I got more footage than I thought I would be able to get!


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