Lost tracking image on MP satellite map when using AUTO

On the last few Auto-Mission flights I notice I no longer have the Y-6 tracking on my satellite map image. The Y-6 will still fly the mission, but I no longer get the tracking on the satellite map image like I use too. Didn't change anything, has anyone had the same problem or know what may have happened. The procedure I use is, I will go to Flight Planner and plot a way-point mission then load it.Once loaded I check GPS lock of 10 or more sat's. Then I arm take off and get to desired alt., then switch to alt-hold, once that is good, I will switch to auto, and the mission starts. In the pass I could look at my satellite map image and watch it track the flight of my Y-6. Lately, when I look at the satellite map it appears as though the Y-6 has not moved but in fact it is flying the way-point mission. I am running MP ver.93. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Fred

    This is not really a Y6 issue. It sounds like you have lost your telemetry signal between your ground station and your Y6.

    Have a look at your logs for the mission - in particular your RSSI/NOISE and REMRSSI/REMNOISE logs. If your RSSI drops below NOISE (or REMRSSI below REMNOISE) then you will lose your telemetry link.

    The coordinates for your auto mission are preloaded into your Y6 when you connect, so, (as long as you have not enabled GCS in your failsafe settings) your Y6 will carry on with the mission regardless of the radian telemetry state.

    Hope this helps

    • Thanks Nigel, I don't use the GCS. If I lost telemetry wouldn't I also loose flight data on the MP. I still have the flight data on the split screen. So I'll have to watch it closer, as I'm usually either using Fat Shark or monitor to view flight. I happen to notice it when it was RTL at the end of a mission and I had taken off goggles that it wasn't tracking. Fred

    • If you lose your telemetry radio signal then your position on the map will remain fixed until your telemetry signal resumes.  Your flight data (on the split screen) will also freeze, displaying the last known good data - until the signal resumes.

      If you send me your log file I will have a look at your signal and noise and diagnose the issue for you.

      What Radios are you using 433? or 915? or something else??

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