Motor Not Spinning - Bad Power Board Distribution

Ive comb the internet and the site and cant find an answer or anything thing that would help me Im reaching out to you guys.

- I ordered a 3dr Y6 and noticed that a motor was getting extremely hot (TOP REAR, #6, Ya configuration), so 3dr replaced it. 

- Got the replacement in the mail and put it on, at the same time I decided to go with the Yb (frame 10) configuration since I had the frame apart.

- While testing motor rotations, my BOTTOM LEFT (#6, Yb configuration)  motor does NOT spin.

- For a test, I swapped the esc signal wires in the Power distribution board (PDB) and it seems that there is no signal coming from the #6 PDB esc plug.  

I think Ive ruled out the ESC and motor. Could it be the PDB or even the APM?

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    • Another option with those is simply to take each orange (signal) wire from your ESC, remove it's pin from the 3 pin plug and insert it into the correct place in the 6 pin plug instead - bypassing the PDB all together.  The end result is a direct wire from the APM to your ESC.

    • Brendan, I might try that. The wiring on the Y6 is so tight, I might even make my power harness and just wire the ESCs into the apm.

    • Yep, the T6 has a bit more room :-)


  • Have you tried test for continuity with your multi-meter? Could pretty easily rule out PDB

    • I checked to see if there was a connection between the Orange Output (PDB to APM) and the Pin that the ESC signal wire plugs into. Yes it seems to have continuity.

      I also checked the 3dr signal wire and it checks out to.

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