Newbie here: 3DR Y6 Motor Issue

Unpacked the new Y6. Everything looked good. 

Armed the copter and only 3 of the 6 motors fired up.  I ran through the steps to re-calibrate the ESC's and the same 3 motors were the only ones that fired up again. 

Not sure if i'm leaving something out...?


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  • Austin

    I have the same issue. did you resolve it? Thanks


    • Yes, I loaded the incorrect flight code.  With the correct flight code (Chris Anderson's reply) the problem was fixed.



    • 3D Robotics

      Glad to know it's resolved! Thanks for the update. 

    • 3D Robotics

      Are you sure you loaded the Y6 flight code and not the quad or tri?

  • Recommend you remove all props and perform a RPM ramp up to double check that only 3 motors are in fact the only ones running.  I built my Y6 from a kit and noticed that it took a couple ESC calibration tries to get all motors to spin up when I applied power on my radio's throttle.  I believe the ESC w/Simon K is the suspect and may need a couple calibrations before everything is tuned well.

  • Mike and mP1. Thank you for your suggestions. I'm going to give it a go!

    Thanks again!

  • You could also try disconnecting the servo connectors for all motors and adding them back one by one. But before you do this add a little masking tape with the position written on with a marker to each connector before you yank it out. When you power up, the lone motor should beep. If it doesnt then theres prolly a solder prob or lose wire etc.

  • check the board that all of the ESC 3 pin connectors connect to. Alot of people have had issues with bad soldering jobs and I had 4 of my 6 cables come undone and didn't notice it until my motors didn't spin up and i saw the cable leading from that PC board to the APM had come unsoldered. i can see if i have a pic at home when I get off of work.

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