Newbie needs help on getting Y6 to fly

I completed my y6 and am having trouble getting it in the air. All the escs are calibrated and the motors spin at the same time when armed. I have Mission Planner set the frame configuration to the newer y6b. The top motors spin CW with the 10 inch pusher props and the bottom motors with the 11 inch normal props spinning CCW. I'm using a new Spektrum Dx7S with the AR8000 receiver. When I try to take off the left arm lifts up first and makes it want to tip over. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Also check you have the right frame type selected in Mission Planner - sounds like you're set up for Y6B instead of Y6A.  Also check that you've got the right motors wired to the correct outputs: 1=top right, 2=bottom right, 3=top rear, etc...

  • Hey Joe, have you done everything on ?

    More specifically, calibrating the accelerometer?

    Also, check the blades are facing the right way (lettering should be facing up). Distinct from spinning the right direction.

    I messed up my channels on my initial build which meant left was right - also worth double checking.

    • Hey Josh,

      You mentioned that your channels were not correct when you first built yours. What radio and receiver are you using. I am still have trouble taking off and wondering if I got my channels screwed up.

    • I'm using a Frsky D8R-II plus receiver and a and a DJT transmitter connected into a 9XR.

      You can ensure your signals into the APM are correct in mission planner in the radio config screen. Check to make sure the right channels are moving the right things in the right direction. I had to configure the 9xr mixer a little bit, perhaps reverse a direction here or there - but can't quite remember (don't have it on me).

      Then, you gotta make sure the right escs are hooked up to the right outputs on the PDB, and that those escs and connected to the right motor. As mentioned by Brendan, also ensure you've selected the right frame type in mission planner (Y6B?)

      While perhaps a little overkill, I built a rig to tether my multirotor so I could go nuts while tuning and testing this kind of stuff (pic attached). That harnessing was far too secure for tuning btw.


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