y6 autotune problem

I have just tested my y6 in flight ,

Controller pixhawk

Esc afro 30a

Motors multistar 4220 390

Bat 4s 5000

All  up weight 2.9 kg

Prop CF 15" x 5.5

I have identified a problem that is lack of final RPMs., thinking that it a maybe a tunning problem , I tryed autotune, but as it started to dance , it lost control on stability and fall to ground.( no too much damage).

So I guess my questions are two.

1_ if it is possible to autotune a 3 kg y6., and I that case what the tuning starting point should be , to be safe.

And 2_ even when tested with ecalc. And I have hover at 50%, am i short on kv?, could I do something to speed motors higher by reprogramming with blheli , (I relished with blheli)

any help and ideas are much appreciated.


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  • Do you have a log file? I think you need bigger props with those motors.

    My Y6 weighs just over 3kg using KDE 2814XF-515 motors on 4s and 14" props didn't quite cut it, so it now has 15x5.5 on the bottom and 14x5.5 on the top. It isn't ideal, but flies well enough for now.

    You can follow my posts in the link below with suggestions from Leonard and Rob L when first getting this Spy 750 going, had very poor stability  and like you could not do Auto Tune at all. You may even try posting there too.

    There are specific settings I used to make it good enough to do Auto Tune.


    • Thanks DG, after playing a lot of different combinations on ecalc, I have reached to the conclusion that the copter is underpowered and that my first move ( higher impact lower cost) must be to change battery from 4s to 5s,.
      So have to order new battery and wait ...
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