Y6 with the shakes

Hi there

Hoping someone might be able to shine a light on this problem:

  • Stock 3DR Y6  B config
  • ESCs calibrated
  • Props balanced

Watch video

When I add some throttle, the frame shakes violently (as seen in the vid). I get the same result regardless on whether the copter is restrained or not.

When not restrained and I add throttle, there is uncontrollable yaw (spinning) -  RC stick input seems to improve this but not much.

I am sure there must be something simple that I am missing. Any suggestions?


Nigel - Uaviation

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  • I had the same issue with an APM 2.5 I borrowed. The problem went away when I replaced it with a Pixhawk (possibly not the most helpful answer sorry!).

    • could be the most helpful answer - I would be interested if anyone else has experienced this and fixed it by replacing the chip.

      3DR - it would be good to hear from you if there is a known issue / fix??

    • Gidday Josh

      Hope all is well with you mate.

      The chip is a 2.5 modified to 2.6 (i.e. mag disconnect)

      I will try swapping in a Pixhawk - that will at least isolate whether it is a mechanical / frame issue or a tech / software issue I suppose. I'll give that a go tomorrow and report back.

    • If it saves you some effort, my Y6 has been running fine on an APM for ages.

    • Agreed - I have Y6s on APM too - I suppose it could be an issue with this APM. If I have some success swapping with a Pixhawk as Josh did, then I will swap in a different APM2.6 and see if the problem returns 

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