Y6B on 2013 Y6

Have any 2013 Y6'ers converted to the Y6B prop config? I'm wondering if it's been tested with APM 2.x or just PX4 and what sort of efficiency gains there might be. Looked at it last night but it looks like I'll need another small pusher and large normal prop (the current config has a big pusher and small normal prop).

On that note, 3dr store shipping costs to Australia make ordering their props a bit uneconomical. I have a Hobby King order brewing, does anyone have any replacement prop suggestions available from them? I'm using the black 880kv motors.


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  • I'm running on the Y6B Config with 880kv motors .  Very Stable with APM 2.6 and 10 minutes of flying time on 3S 5300 MAH Glacier Lipo.  

    • what; the firmware for y6b?

  • I live in Perth and I get my props from a place in Geelong. Do a google search for "APC props Australia" and it will be at the top of the list. Shipping is reasonable.
  • Hey Josh

    I am in Melb Aust. I have my y6's using Pixhawk, 2.6 and 2.5. All good so you will have no problems with B config there.

    I have plenty of spare props if you want to pop around and "borrow" some ( I am in Richmond / Sth Yarra City area). There are also some Melbourne stockists of APC and other props if you want to buy and pick up local.

    Contact me privately and we can go from there



    • Awesome! Thanks Nigel - will do.

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