3DR 880Kv Motor Setup

Any parameter changes required when using the 3DR 880Kv motors with 11x4.7 props?


Any good way of tightening the prop nut?  I am using an allen wrench through the nut but how do you hold the motor from turning?  I wish there was a custom wrench to fit the cooling fins on top.

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  • Do you have the newer style of motors or the older style that uses the collet 'shaft grip' type?


  • Interesting... recently gave up on the standard 880Kv nuts myself.  Disappointed, too, that the "new" motor/prop solution from 3DR involves replacing the prop shaft and affixing a completely different prop mount.  AND, to find that some of my motors are tapped for the new 3DR adaptors, and some motors have no holes whatsoever.

    (see also: http://3drobotics.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Propeller-Fastener... & http://store.3drobotics.com/products/propeller-fastener-and-shaft-k... )

    I took my problem over to HobbyKing and found much more sturdy and more easily tightened prop adaptor collets.  These are a little larger than the 3DR ones (a tiny bit heavier & less likely to bend on minor impacts), and the collet itself is cut at a different angle that seems to allow greater pressure (using an allen to tighten) on the motor shaft than the 3DR collet adaptors:



  • The best thing I find is you hold the motor using your thumb and finger firmly and use the key as you do now

    Over tightening can lead to a damaged or weakened prop center, or risk stripping threads


    Use of a nylon lock nut is a much better solution for safety and balancing anyway


  • Loctite. Ample amounts of the 242 (aka Loctite Blue). DO NOT USE 271 (aka Loctite Red) as that will permanently fix those puppies to the motor.

    READ THE LABELS: My 242 came in a RED container, and my 271 came in a BLUE container. The irony I know.

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