915mhz patch

Does anyone know where i can get a 915mhz patch antenna so i can extend my 3dr telemetry range.

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  • Have a look at the 900u also if you are looking to save weight on The craft. We sell them on our online store in Australia, not sure if I'm allowed to put a link, but if you are local in Brisbane would be happy to assist. We use the 900 as a base station with a Yagi and a dipole and a 900u on the multi rotor and get excellent range. Though the bits and pieces add up quickly.
  • Don't bother with a patch antenna, get a RFD900 for your ground unit. You'll get 6 miles range without a sweat.

  • I have this one from DPCAV

    It is very very good

  • I use a small pcb yagi from here :http://www.wa5vjb.com/products2.html

    and a home made dipole on my craft.... I regularly get 100% packets at 5 miles with the 3DR radios.


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    • Antennas are the key to long range. The yagi in the ground station has 7 db gain the dipole on the plane is about 2 db gain. The duckies are nearly useless.

      Use the IBCRAZY build thread to make the dipole ( aka v )
    • Nice idea! Are they genuinely effective at increasing range?

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      Wow, those are pretty cool and cheap too.  I'm going to buy one now!

  • +1 for RFD900
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      I tried to set those up for someone recently and wasn't able.  I was able to get the ground station side working fine, but I could not get the air radio working.   I just put it aside for another day, as he's only flying a few hundred feet away.  

      Any tips on setting up the air radio?  The one I'm using is the jD-RF900 Longrange telemetry set from jDrones.


      jD-RF900 Longrange telemetry set
      Long range telemetry set for all your UAV and UAS needs
    • You set them up the same way you do a regular telemetry modem, they just have more sensitivity and also more features if you upload some special firmware.  

      Most common reason I see these not connecting is because people don't set them to the same channel/netid or there are some other mismatches in the frequency.  After that, if you connect the air radio to the pixhawk/apm and then in MP do a "Load Settings" and you get any data at all from the other radio but still can't connect to the actual flight controller, the Rx/Tx pins are likely mismatched on the cable between the air radio and pixhawk/apm.  

      If you do a load settings though and only get data from the ground radio, you're likely dealing with a mismatched NetID and/or mismatched min and max frequency settings.

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