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    ArduCopter always uses normal "airplane" mode. Some radios calls it as Acro, Fixedwing, Airplane and so on. Mode name does not matter as long as all stick moves are true eg no any mixes on them.


    If you are not sure about this, easiest way to test it is by connecting servos to your received channel 1, 2, 4 and one ESC with motor to Channel 3.


    Now move your sticks one by one and only one servo should move.

  • I have a 9x and use the acro mode. Check the wiki for setting up the tx for the three position switch so you have 6 flight modes. NB: dont forget to swap ch5 with ch6 on your receiver...





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         As a newbie...your should definitely consider reading the wiki!  There's a good page on the RC set-up here.


  • @Adam is spot on

    With the Turnigy TGY-9X you are best to use Acro

    If you want to use channels 5,6,7,8 or 9 you will need to set up these in the transmitter as they are not always programmed or linked to controls or switches on the transmitter

    Google is your friend here..

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    Choose the ACRO version. HELI includes mixing functions that you don't need/want for the quad. I have a Futaba 10CAG (Airplane or ACRO version).

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