Adding a horizontal motor/prop to drive a quad

When you command a quad to go forward, it tilts forward, and that creates a forward "thrust".
What would happen if I attached a horizontal motor/prop onto the quad, and provided a horizontal thrust that way? Would the quad maintain level?

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  • if you wired the extra motor straight from the receiver and controlled it using some knob or whatever channel on your transmitter, then your extra motor will be completely independent from the rest of your main flight systems and your FC. Your FC would think that strong winds or whatever are interfering with your aircraft and will try and stabilise it. If it is in Altitude hold or some other GPS assisted mode, then I assume your quad will spaz out trying to maintain position in vain. 

    I don't see why this wouldn't work if your flying acro or even stabilise. Only thing you have to figure out is how to place your motor well in terms of the CG and structure of your frame, as well as how much power to deliver and when to deliver it, so you don't overwhelm your FC when it tries to keep the quad level or whatever position you have it in. 

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