altitude hold drift

when i fly fpv i always fly first in stabilize to about 30 metres and then enable alt hold. Works fine and makes flying fpv easy. However sometimes the height of the quad drifts to say 10 metres high and i have to switch back to stabilize and increase height again to 30 metres. This only happens occasionally. I fly only in the evening when there is no wind. Why does this happen and what is the solution.By the way i have never seen this happen in auto missions.



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  • Hello Damo,

       Check out this discussion. It may be the source of your alt. drifting.




  • I can't answer your question regarding drift, but I have learned the hard way that you don't need to switch back into STAB mode to adjust the altitude in ALT_HOLD mode. Just use your throttle stick while in ALT_HOLD mode to move to a new height, then return your throttle stick back to the 50% point. Early in my learning I thought ALT_HOLD was drifting, when in fact I was subconsciously adjusting the altitude with my thumb on the throttle stick. 

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