Updated a few days ago to the latest beta 3.1r7 of Arducopter and now I am experiencing a delay when I switch between modes...which is more like a blackout for a second. For example, this morning when I changed between stabalize to loiter, there was about a 1 second delay between where it starts the new  mode which results in the the quad dropping down for about a second at a loss of about 10-15 feet. When I changed to Alt Hold it just dropped out of the sky to the ground. Luckily I was able to do a semi-save and switch it back to stabalize and give it full gas for half a second which saved the gimbal. Lucky!

Just curious if anyone else is having any such problems since switching to the latest release/beta.

happy t-day.

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  • Developer

    Woah, let's all play nice...

    logs please!

  • Mark,

    Welcome to the world of DIY!  I have realized that Arducopter is all experimental and not yet a proven technology.  What works today may not work tomorrow.  Crashes and glitches have to be expected, just look at all the code changes that come out daily, monthly and yearly.  I give a lot of credit to the developers but this is a hobby? and not a business for then.

    One day in the future I hope will have a stable flying platform that fly in AUTO mode and do everything that was planned and nothing else but I not sure it will be the APM 2.x platform since it seems to be running our of horsepower and memory.

    My next to last flight was flying AUTO mode nicely but then my last flight with whatever the most current daily file was at that moment seemed to lose SIMPLE mode when I switched out of AUTO.  This was the first time I ever saw that and trying to get my quad back was not happening so I landed abruptly and broke two legs.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a good flying quadcopter with a GoPro, FatShark FPV, telemetry and 20 minutes of AUTO.  I saw a DJI Phantom flying with all this except AUTO mode and I was both impressed and bummed because my quadcopter was such a POS in comparison.  Maybe one day? 

  • Developer

    Mike, Mark,


    all anecdotal and guesswork until we have logs.

  • For the first time ever I had my quad just fall out of the sky, and your post has prompted me to +1 this.

    I have not yet analysed the log file, but I loaded 3.1rc7, did an erase and reset, recalibrated everything except compassmot and did some test flights and the auto tune. It was after this that I noticed toilet bowling happening if disturbed during loiter, and during rtl it overshot home at speed and clipped a tree. No real damage, broken prop and bent leg as I got to stab and gunned it just before impact.

    So I did the compassmot and another test flight, stab ok, alt hold was not as locked in, switched to loiter and it just fell out of the sky.

    Will try to get some more test flights in the next day or two.

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