apm 2.8 features and equipment

I have a ardupilot 2.8 and want to install several features for this quad.

My intent is to build my own topographical surveying drone.

The copter has, or Im attempting to install:

3dr telemetry set with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 attached to the transmitter

5.8ghz fpv system, with minimOSD

arducopter 2.8 with external gps antenna

ultrasonic height sensor

optical flow sensor

2 axis camera (standard servos) gimbal with Canon SX260hs geotagging camera using CHDK

FAA regulation aircraft lighting system (off, flight, flight+landing, Airshow)

retractable landing gear.

However, Im finding out I have a problem with getting everyting connected to the APM. It appears that some of these components require the same pins, or require modification to the boards jumpers that would make the other item(s) not useable.

Can anyone help me get all this stuff connected up? Perhaps reassign the gimbal to another set of channel pins or something?

Thank in advance...

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    • Most odd.  I thought Will's reply was perfectly polite and explained the problem.  Where you hoping for something else? 

    • LOL, no wills response was fine.

      It was the "Basically its a Chinese clone, so for the most part these guy will not help you." comment that struck me as dissapointing to the community here.

    • I don't agree, most of us are using knock-offs from [insert generic supplier] and support each other on the forums.

      Buying 3DR gear does mean you can access their support team if things don't work as expected but that's not a barrier affecting the forums.

  • hi, latest version of APM produced 3dr is 2.6

    chematic and documentation here:


    try to ask documentation of "APM 2.8"  from supplier 

    • Ill look through the site. At a quick glance it looks a store.

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