APM channles output problem

Hi All:

    I am a newbie and building my first arducopter.

    I connected receiver to the APM and the APM to the power distribution board as in the wiki.

    No matter how I move the transmitter's stick, there is no response from the motors. There are only 2 long beeps after I plug in the LiPo battery to the PDB.  But the motors work well when I connected each ESC of them to ch3 of the receiver.

    I tried arming method in other post: like move the stick to the right lower conner but it is no use. I am not sure if it is an arming problem.

   I plug a servo to channels 1-5. It does not respond to corresponding stick move.

   The ground station shows that radio input is good ( in the radio setup part ).

   Is it APM's signal output problem?  Can any one help.

   Thank you in advance.



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  • 3D Robotics

    The Troubleshooting Guide is here.

  • Go into mission planner, and calibrate your radio, first and see if that solves the problem.

  • Do you know how to tell if the APM is armed?  On the card edge there are three status LEDs.  If the APM is armed the green LED is solid, that is not blinking.  Look at the Wiki picture of the APM to locate the LEDs.  This way you know what issue you are dealing with.



  • Developer

    Your radio's throttle is not low enough to arm the ESCs. Lower your throttle using the Trim.


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