I want to assembly my own quadcopter and I have been seeing which parts are the better for my requirements but I don't know which battery I should use. I have seen the next

which one do you recommend me to buy and why?

I have thought to buy the motors and ESC:

Motor AC2836-358, 880Kv
ESC 30 Amp

Thanks for help me.

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  • In my opinion and what I've done. I feel the higher C rating batteries do better in multi copters..

    My experience is around my Hexa. I used the "large" motors from 3dr with a 25-50 Turnigy Nano 6k and 25 amp esc's..

    After 20 or so filghts the batteries began puffing a bit..

    I switched to 45-90c Turnigy Nano 5k's and they have been fine for many flights..

    I feel using the lower C rating and more motors causes the battery to drain faster than intended. as more motors is higher Amps load.

    The battery with the higher C will be expecting you to put a higher load on it and handle accordingly..

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    Actually I would stay as far as possible from Turnigy batteries. Their quality is going up and down. In last 12 months we blew 7 big packs without any reason and after that we stopped to use them. Try to get something better than those. GE, Hyperion, Tigers etc are better choices than Turnigy.

  • i usethese and they are more then sufficient. I have way more  power then i need. (that's from the US warehouse too!)

    Try these motors, they work great with 10  props.  Try these ESC's too. After trying some cheaper ESC's, I tried these and they are sooooo nice!  Throw that on aturnigy HAL frame and you will have a sweet, rugged setup that will survive crashes better then any other frame Ive used,  And youll neverneed  mo re then 50% throttle (unless you want to lose your quad!)

  • I would also consider the weight.
    Weight of the copter and weight of the battery.
    Somewhere there is a trade-off. Increasing the size of the battery will not significantly increase the amount of flight time.
    I have two quads and use 5000mah batteries for now but I'm just learning how to fly.
  • Wiki Ninja

    Check these out

    Lipo need calculator

    LiPo charge calculator

    Multi copter calc

    Multicopter build log
    lipo battery calculator
  • I used these: 

    Make sure you get their charger, do not charge manually.


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