After flying in and switching back out of a GPS controlled flight mode back into Stabilise the Copter's yaw direction is 45 degrees off. eg. Copter facing directly away from me, if I pull the TX stick straight back the Copter will head 45 degrees back and left. This has happened a number of times exactly the same. Any suggestions would be welcome? I'm thinking it's a firmware issue as nothing mechanically has changed.

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  • most likely, you have "simple" option enabled on one of your flight modes. 

  • Any chance you're switching to Stabilize with Simple Mode or Super Simple Mode enabled (i.e. headless mode)?

    In one of these modes forward/back/left/right will always be relative to the heading at take-off, not the current copter heading.


    Simple and Super Simple Modes — Copter documentation
    • Thanks but no chance. The Copter flys OK in Stabilse until it been in say Loiter then switching back to Stabilise is when the problem presents. Copter take off is facing directly away from me and not offset.

    • How about the throttle?

      I regularly switching modes without problems. It appears that your copter want to descend.

      You may have to post your log, then someone can probably help you.


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