• TFR's are typical for big events.  Large area likely has to do with ability to control and/or intercept in crowded airspace.  Not sure.  Was not there.  But FAA likely had input from those providing the intercept service, aka USAF.  Please believe me when I tell you they had meetings to plan other meetings to plan the security around an event like this.

    Here's what you need to know for any large sporting event outside of the SB...

    And Tony, the sad fact is we are always under some sort of threat.  Please do not read that as an invite to start a political debate on DIYDrones.  Please!   I am retired USMC and still have plenty of friends dealing with said threat.  It's real, we just don't have to deal with it because they are.

    What the FAA and other Gov'ies get wrong is the fact that they do not have a presence here (and in other active communities) to help people understand.  They need to get on the Cluetrain (google it).  Their lack of transparency and general inability to openly communicate just breeds anger like we have in this thread.  I get your frustration.  Been waiting for months for my 333.  I just spent enough time in gov to understand some context.  Not pretty, but most of them are just trying to do the best they can with what they are given.  And, at the same time, deal with politically appointed superiors who may, or may not (most likely), have a clue.


  • I live about 30 miles from the stadium and on Sunday around 2pm an F-15 performed an intercept of a Cessna 172 right over my house.  It was pretty awesome as they were both less than 1000 feet or so AGL.

    • that would be awesome if it was an airshow. However thats disturbing for the fact that  fear is so high and paranoia that the government feels they are always under some sort of threat.. ridiculous.  Thank god i live in Canada. 

  • How can they down your drone if you are so far away, would they use jammers or something?

    • patriot missile, or exocet missile would probably do the trick. Or they might use a hand held stinger.. 

  • That is just plain paranoid behavior of the FAA, 36 miles???? Really!!!!!. When does common sense apply anyway.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen. The time has come. Invisible drones...

    • They make silver frames and clear props! 

      And, there's another thread here about when cities are overrun by police doing illegal activities, all of a sudden that area is a no fly zone so the media can't see what's happening. 
      Happened in Ferguson, MO (unfortunately my back yard), and Boston MA.  I'm sure there are others, but I watched videos of the police action in both of those areas, and it's clear why they wouldn't want the media covering it...
      But that's also a violation of our rights, which no one seems to care about anymore. 

      The FAA is clearly out of the control of the people, and in the control of a corrupt system.

    • @ScottW. This is probably the most important argument against FAA's rampant regulatory control. Not well thought out rule making. Unwarrented.
  • Won't everyone be watching or attending the game anyway?

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