ESC problem? What does this means?

Hello all.

Since I've bought this awesome machine RTF from udrones in december and that arm has always given this "nuisance" of beeping for a while untill it stops and gets ready to fly normaly.

Since I started flying with it I had a few crashes and changed already 2 motors, one of which was in that arm.

In the beginning I thought it was a motor's problem, but having it substituted it became cleared that it's an ESC problem, passing from 10/20 seconds of beeping in the beginning to some times over a minute or even 2 minutes.

The fact is that apart from that initial beeping all motors arm and the machine flies very well. So, what's really that ESC telling by beeping so long?

I know you'll tell me to substitute the ESC, and if there's no alternative, that's what I'll do. But is it possible to save that ESC by tweeking some configuration, perhaps it's not hardware problem.

He're a video of the "ignition".

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,


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    The beeping means that the ESC hasn't received a low pwm signal yet so it's telling you, "hey! the throttle is too high so I'm not going to spin!".

    What's likely happening is that the ESC hasn't been calibrated so it's using some default value for minimum which is just a bit lower than your radio/APM outputs...but it might be very close so once the ESC warms up it's timing might change a bit and the with a bit of radio jitter it finally arms.  That's my theory although it's unproven.

    I've actually experienced this same problem with a 3dr hexa and I found that if I repeated the ESC calibration it was fixed.

    By the way, it's motor 5 that's causing you trouble it seems.

  • Although I have no idea about what that infinite number of beeps actually mean ( :) ), I'd suggest you to take a look at the ESC's manual (if you haven't already done so). Manufacturers generally put on the manual what each number of beeps mean. Good luck!

  • You should verify connections between the ESC and the motor.  Almost looks like one of the three may be bad.

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