Arroio do Meio, RS

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Plan to do aerial photography, using a UAV (fpv, waypoints, remote camera, gimbal operation) with ArduPilot. Actually trying to make a E_Sky BeltCPv2 fly with ArduCopter.


Arroio do Meio, Rio Grande do Sul

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Alexandre Heitor Schmidt replied to 13brv3's discussion MT3329 default mode write protected?
"We're on the same boat... I wanted to flash the 56k baud rate, but I can't... Why in h*ll they do this?!"
Mar 27, 2013
Alexandre Heitor Schmidt replied to Aeropixel's discussion ESC problem? What does this means? in ArduCopter User Group
"Although I have no idea about what that infinite number of beeps actually mean ( :) ), I'd suggest you to take a look at the ESC's manual (if you haven't already done so). Manufacturers generally put on the manual what each number of beeps mean. Goo…"
Mar 14, 2013
Alexandre Heitor Schmidt left a comment on ArduCopter (traditional heli) user group
"This Arming/Disarming of the trad heli can be tricky. I finally found the answer I was looking for! Channel 8 is the key in order to arm/disarm the heli! As I'm not using ch8, I lowered all the values (RC8_MAX = 800, RC8_MIN = 800, RC8_TRIM = 800).…"
Mar 13, 2013
Alexandre Heitor Schmidt replied to Huib van Dooren's discussion TREX450 with APM2.5 setup problem in ArduCopter User Group

I'm not sure about the nervous movement on roll... Can't you set up some D/R on your controller to make it smooth? Or maybe mission planner has such feature.

I had the same issue of rotating around it's axis with my heli. I'm guessing it is re…"
Mar 8, 2013
Alexandre Heitor Schmidt replied to Simon Wunderlin's discussion APM 2.5 jumpers
"Hi, Simon. This thread is a little old, but the doubt seems to prevail, so here's what I've found this far:


Your APM 2.5 board is designed to be powered by the included Power Module via the Power Port connector. You can, however, power it from…"
Mar 6, 2013
Alexandre Heitor Schmidt replied to Shannon Morrisey's discussion Arducopter motors not arming: Solution + Win
"Thanks! That helped a lot! But I still can't arm my heli, unless I use mission planner. Maybe if somebody here knows the logic of arming i.e. what PWM values in what channels makes it arm/disarm, I believe it would really be of use for us."
Mar 4, 2013
Alexandre Heitor Schmidt posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hi!I'm trying to setup ArduPilot with my E_Sky BeltCPv2.The stabilization is working good and testing of collective pitch works fine from transmitter.However, when I leave that manual testing mode, I loose control over collective, although I'm still…
Feb 28, 2013