• Realise this is a lot later than the OP, but for info sake i recently purchased a small CF brushless gimbal from goodluckbuy that came with the EvvGC board. I also purchased another EvvGC board from an ebay vendor that i was sure had the upgraded resistors in case the goodluckbuy had the bad ones. Sure enough it did have the bad resistors so its in the project bin for now.

    Apart from that, they were fine. Shipping worked out although they did send me an email when they shipped (2 days after ordering) stating my package  was on the way and may take up to 4 weeks or so. I shot them an email reminding them that i had paid UPS and it took them a couple days to respond. Wasn't an issue as my package did go UPS and arrived 3 days later. Must be a standard email they send. My feeling is their CS is on par with HK but i'd be happy to be corrected as i didn't really deal with them. Unlike HK... arrggh

  • does anyone have s setup guide for this board, I have it setup as far as i can see is correct but there must be an issue, perhaps with PIDs? i seem to have no Pitch feedback and the roll is jittery and ineffective. 

    can anyone give some advice?



  • I have researched this controller before and it looks very good, the only 3-axis I could find that was a reasonable price. I don't however trust this site, has anyone bought anything from there before? If it can be trusted I will buy it and let you guys know :)

  • I've been following the thread closely and it is the first board with real promise for a 3-axis setup.  Although I would NOT order that board (the one from Goodluckbuy) as there was an issue that the designer brought to our attention.  He does have one approved store that sells them, and they HAVE the added resisters which are recommended here:

    "Hello all.
    About MOSFETs burning problem on PCB v1.2.
    Looks like mosfets sometimes burns even if GPIO is configured immediately after power on.
    Current solution for this is to add 1-3,3K resistors on BSS123."


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