Faulty System, suggestions appreciated.

Other than my grammar and spelling :-)

I'm looking at a new quad, standard config, built by owner.

Soldering is reasonable, not the the way I would have done it though.

The GPS was connected to wrong socket, on the sensor board :-(

Mission Planner connects and uploads code no problem, motor tests in CLI works properly, now.

But I don't get any data from the sensors.

Nor the GPS, even though it is enabled, and plugged into the correct socket.

Tried in MP, CLI, and even Hyper Terminal.

I don't know what I'm missing, looking at the circuit diagram, but I have a feeling it might be something simple, like a blown interface type chip.


(I do the same tests on my quad, it works.)

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  • Closely look at the pinout configuration being accurate between the two boards.

    As mentioned the solder might not have flowed well.

    Re touch all connections with a solder iron blade tip that is around 4mm in width.

    A larger tip will hold more heat to a load.

    Make sure there is recent rosin (within 15 seconds) from the solder wire on the tip.

    I don't use a sponge when soldering.

    I tap the tip flow some new if needed.

    Tap again and put the tip to work.

    Make the tip and work (connections) shiny.

  • One way that can happen is if the slide switch on the Sensor board is bad or in the middle or wrong position.

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