My setup:

F450 frame


DJI 2212 Motors with 10x38 props

3DR APM2.6 with external compass

3S 2200 40C Lipo

Spectrum TX with AR6210 with sattelite reciver.

3DR Power Module for APM

I just have my first flight - well in 100% TH it just climb to 10 cm, i have an video:


Before flight i calibrate with wizard everything, like radio, ACC, compass, gyro etc do not know what is going on it looks like my copter don't have power to fly at all.. Battery i use was charged and i fly on it with my t-rex 450 heli with no problem. I double check the props direction mount adn motor spin direction.. Seems ok:


Thanks to Gary McCray that figure it out that i have put props upside down. Now is flying and i can start tuning it. 


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    • Hi Gary, 

      Now i'm really confused, i'm looking at my props and can't see if they are wrong or they not... I take the pictures, can You look at them?

      On two of them are printed 10x38R that mean pushers right? I mounted them on CW arms, second 2 of them has only printed 10x38 without the R so they are normal and i mounted them on CCW arms... As You know they are cuted inside the hole to fit the DJI motors so i can't turn them around becouse they will not fit into the shaft... Or i'm missing something?



    • Here are the picture of one of the proppeler and the hole, on one side that is printed 10x38R  the hole is cutted and other side is not and it not fit on the shaft... Maybe i need use the force? i Mean the hard way? Confused...If i fit them with force i'm worry that they break in flight... What the hell is wrong with this... But they look upside down now to me...



    • OK Thomas, two things wrong.

      A you really do have the wrong props in a very serious way.

      First off you have DJI pusher props both CW and CCW

      This only makes a difference with the props that are custom broached for the DJI motors as (you are right they will only correctly fit on one way.)

      Because of this custom tapered oval hub broaching, DJI is one of the only companies to have both CW and CCW tractor and CW and CCW pusher props.

      You need the "tractor" or "puller" style of both.

      You need 2 each CCW and 2 each CW puller or (tractor) props.

      And for DJI props at least for these motors those should be labled 1045 as 4.5 is actually the correct pitch for this motor on this copter.

      In any case you have them correctly installed as far as the motor is concerned, but incorrect as far as your copter is concerned because those are pusher not puller props.

      However 3.5 is not enough pitch anyway.

      If you are going to use DJI props you need 2 DJI 1045's and 2 DJI 1045R's.

      Until seeing your props I didn't even know DJI made a pusher prop for these motors.

      If they are easy for you to get the 10" x 4.7 pitch GemFan DJI hub compatible carbon filled prop is also an excellent prop for this copter.

      Basically, for your copter, the props are definitely upside down, but rather than bore them out to fit, you really should just get new props because the pitch is inadequate anyway.

      On a multicopter if the cast in printing on the prop isn't on top, the props are in fact upside down.

      Your copter is flying in ground effect at full throttle barely above the ground and that is just what you would expect from upside down props.

      I am absolutely positive that if you get the correct props and install them properly your little copter will fly like a rocket.

      Best Regards,


    • Well, English is not my natvie language so don't understand everything.. But this props comes with the KIT, i read on RCgroups i think that 10x38 are stronger than 10x45 and better.. But i have no knowledge is this true.. The tru is that i buy ARF kit original DJI and that props was inside the box together with that 8"... Only thing now is that the tapered oval is on the letter side and on the other is only a circle so to put them on DJI motors i will have to push them hardly... Do not know waht is wrong. China guy made tapered oval on wrong side? The 8" also have the tapered oval on the same letter side...  Here are the info that 10x38 are for F450 and they are new one... http://www.buildyourowndrone.co.uk/DJI-Flame-Wheel-1038-Propellers-...

    • I found the picture of this props They also have this oval on the printed side and on the movie i linked above on the end they also have oval on printed side...

      So i have to push them or china guy not made the oval thru all the hole?


    • Wow. Good catch, Gary. I never knew DJI made things so complicated. ;)
    • Your second photo is the correct orientation with the lettering on the top side of the propeller.
    • Yes but on this side with letters the hole is cutted so to fit on the DJI motor shaft i have to mount it upside down :( Do i have to pushing it? They just won't fit with letters up.... 

  • Hi thomas,

                As per this RCGroups article(http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1624068) ,


          can you try on 8" props and lift off?? also check that thread and  doublecheck your channel connections from  the receiver to the APM. Make sure they are setup correctly. Make sure the APM Idea of how the props are installed and direction matches reality.


    • Hi HZL, 

      I will try 8" tommorow. I double check connection from ESC to APM and from reciver and everything look ok according to arducopter wiki... Also the directions seems to be ok. 

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